smart face mask extender


ComfortStrap, an ingenious silicone extender for face masks, was designed to help our front liners in the fight against Covid-19. Our first model soon found its way to several hospitals, independent health care providers and senior care homes.

ComfortStrap is a simple but practical piece of technology to avoid discomfort and pain around the ears when wearing a face mask with elastic earloops for a long time.

By using the ComfortStrap, wearing a face mask becomes more comfortable as the pressure is not shifted to other places on the head.

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Today, everyone is recommended to wear face masks, it’s even mandatory on public transport, certain shops and any place where social distance cannot be safeguarded.

With the ComfortStrap, it’s easier to make a homemade face mask seal better around the face.

ComfortStrap ensures that children’s face masks better connect to their faces for safer and carefree wearing comfort!

The anti-slip, granulated inside ensures that the ComfortStrap stays firmly on the head.

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Two grooves on both sides to fasten the elastic earloops of the mask.

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Extra reinforcement on the force bearing point.

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Hole to prevent the ear loops from slipping away, so the mask can also be easily worn around the neck.

ComfortStraps are made of silicone rubber with a pleasant softness to guarantee the comfort.


High resilience of the silicone material used, even though the thickness is barely 3 mm.

Other dimensions: 13.8 x 1.8 (L x B in cm)

Weight: 6 g



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